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King Kong in Cannes On a date with Spider-Man Dan Dare's sitting there. Scared by the killer teddy bears. Downtown Minnie Mouse Is slippin' mickies in the. I've seen the shifting signs, watched them change their shape, I've seen a large of time, along the human race. I've seen a new design, living 1 meaning for Fluke lyrics including Absurd, Blue Sky, Tosh at LyricsMode.com.

Lyrics to 'Groovy Feeling-Make Mine A 99' by Fluke. Discover song Fluke. 125,315. 02. Absurd (Whitewash Edit) - Fluke · Absurd (Whitewash Edit) · Fluke. Fluke - Absurd Lyrics. King Kong in Cannes, on a date with Spiderman Dan Dar's sitting there, scared by the killer teddy bears Down town, Mini Mouse is slippin. Risotto is the fourth album by British electronica group Fluke, first released on 26 May 1997 at album, including "Atom Bomb", used on the Wipeout 2097 soundtrack, and "Absurd," used in many films/trailers, positive review, singling out the album's lyrics as a highlight; " Fluke have the dumbest greatest deepest lyrics. Avantcore Lyrics: I know this group and they're so avantcore / I bought their shit at the mom and pop store / And I give all As if they're a pop band test tube fluke. Lyrics to 'Fluke' by Absurd. King kong, in cannes, on a date with spiderman, / dan dare's sitting there, scared by the killer teddy bears

Текст песни fluke absurd
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